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Enjoy the Journey
Family Travel

Gap Year

We’re an active family and we LOVE to travel.  When we’re busy juggling life we stay near home but we’ve also managed to take a gap year where we visited 10 countries over 15 months.  We’re planning another gap year soon.  Learn how to plan for family travel, get some inspiration and find out about specific locations here.


Home Improvement

We are avid home do it yourself and home improvers when we find the time.  From re-doing floors to knocking down and building walls we’ve tried almost everything.  Including adding some Ninja to our basic suburban home.

We’ve also been working on fix and flips to start a rental business.  We’ve finished 3 so far with hopefully more to come. 



Dyslexia / Gifted / 2E – Coming soon

We started our homeschool (or worldschool as we like to call it) journey during our gap year.  The kids returned back to “normal” school when we came back.  However, along the way we’ve learned quiet a bit about learning and school.  We also discovered that dyslexia runs through our family.  We are learning more every day about this under-diagnosed learning difference and we’re learning how to thrive with different learning styles. 


Family Life
From board games that we all love to play as a family to parenting advice that I have found helpful to us.  This section is about everything family. 


Health and Fitness – coming soon
I’ve been a Physician Assistant for 15 year and I’ve seen a lot of good and bad information going around.  Here I’ll put some quick and easy advice that I’ve gathered through research and experience.


Recipes – coming soon
Finding healthy and quick recipes can be really difficult for a busy family.  Here are some of my favorite go-to’s.