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Hi, we are a family of 5 with that decided to put our every day life aside for a year and hit the road – well, not really the road … it’s been more of a planes, trains and automobiles kind of thing.

Questions about long term travel, advice from on the road, our daily life, and our favorite places.

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The Locations

Here is a link to all of the places we visited in our travel year including advice, pictures, what we loved and what we would do different if we did it again.  I’ve also including some of our previous travel locations.

For our travel year itinerary click here.

Our Blog

Here’s our blog with more of a day to day look at long term travel.  It mostly has location updates but you may find some other helpful information too.

Our full Itinerary and Budget Basics.  Full Budget and other details coming soon.  

Office with a view

Paying the bills working remotely 9-5.

How we home school through trial and error and what works for us

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Photo Gallery

Click Here to be directed to my Fine Art America Profile where you can purchase paper, metal and wood prints.

Click Below for photo gallery.  Downloadable will files available in the future.