We Swim in a Volcano at Crater Lake

Imagining the Views

It was smokey when we went to Crater Lake National Park in Oregon but that didn’t stop us from having some fun.  We just happened to pick a time when there where 3 separate large forest fires in the area.  They were controlled but the entire area was still very smokey.

I’d love to say that the views from Crater Lake were amazing – What I’ll say instead is I can definitely imagine behind the smoke there where awe-inspiring views.  I know the views are great, we just couldn’t see them.

Taking a Hike

We did still have a really good time.  I absolutely recommend taking the Cleetwood Cove Trail down to the caldera.  It’s a tough trail so take your time and remember you have to make your way back up too.  It’s a mile hike and somewhat steep but really enjoyable. Parking is at the top and you just snake down the side of the volcano. At the bottom there is a boat that you can book tours on and you can swim … in the volcano. Who wouldn’t want to swim in a volcano?

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Time to Swim in a Volcano

I don’t do cold water and someone had to stay near shore to make sure the 3-year-old doesn’t sink.  I did at least put my feet in. The other ones went for it and had a blast. It was chilly but I heard that once you got a little way from the shore you could find some “warm spots.” Me, if I jumped in that water my body would just stop working and even with 10 years of competitive swimming and years being a lifeguard I would just sink to the very deep bottom. There were several cliffs that you can jump from. They were a little taller than what I would be comfortable letting M jump but next time …

It was beautiful and definitely part of my bucket list. The water is crystal clear. If you swim a little off shore you can see a hundred feet down. Randy helped B swim out and when he looked down he screeched in surprise and joy.

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    Wow.. This place is awesome.. We will definitely plan a trip there! Thanks for sharing this!

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