A Day Trip in Seville Spain with Kids

Seville Spain with Kids

Seville is a city that is fun to get lost in.  It’s a beautiful city and has its own special magic. It’s a wonderful choice for both family and long-term travel.

We first went to Seville as a day trip from our home base in Olvera.  Our original plan was to explore the town and try to find a Flamenco show.  Of course, plans changed but we still had a lovely day.


First stop – The Plaza de Espana

After getting a little lost trying to find parking, we parked at a hotel near the Plaza de Espana.  We then walked a short distance to the plaza (it’s so pretty) and soaked in some of the atmosphere.  The plaza is made of a large beautiful building, fountains, ornate tiles, a small canal and some amazing horse carriages – if you’re in to that kind of thing.  It’s also has some wonderful park space to take that Spanish stroll.

We stopped and played with bubbles (yep bubbles – those kids again).  After the kids had their fill of chasing the bubbles around the fountain (and I got my photos) we began searching for our next stop – the Real Alcazar de Seville.

The Real Alcazar de Seville

To get to our next stop we wondered through several parks/gardens, strolled into the old section of town, twisted our way around narrow, winding cobblestone roads and dodged people hanging out on the street at the tapas restaurants.  We found a quick (but boring) place that made pizza (my 6 year old’s choice – not mine) and we had a small lunch.

We wanted to stop by the Cathedral first to see Christopher Columbus’s tomb but it was closed.  So we went to the Alcazar line instead (and it was a long line).  We skipped some of the line by going ahead and getting a guide but there was still a pretty good wait.  I do recommend buying these tickets online.  We were visiting in off-season and it still took us 30-45 minutes in line.  Buy tickets here.
The palace complex itself is huge.  It is a blend of several different styles that have been woven together over time.  There are Arabic, Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Baroque elements.  It’s really spectacular (and big).  I was fascinated by all the tile and wood work.  The Alcazar was also used in filming Game of Thrones and I can see why.  It is definitely a must see.

Making Choices

After the tour the kids were getting a little restless and tired – so we talked them out of Flamenco.  I’m sure it would have been wonderful but the shows don’t start until late at night and we just can’t do everything.


Instead we stopped for some time at one of the many playgrounds we spotted on the way to the car.  The kids climbed and did zip lines then we made our way back home after a stop at Burger King for something resembling food and ice cream.  I’d love to say we loaded up on local food and had time to enjoy the tapas bars but we were not able to adjust to a Spanish eating cycle (lunch at 2-3 dinner after 9 pm) so for us it was fast food or no food.


Overall it was a great day.  I loved Seville and I want to go back.  Next time I hope we can stay a few days and definitely save some energy for on of those famous Flamenco shows.

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Nancie says:

    Seville was one of my favourite Spain destinations. The few days I was there were very cold, but when the sun shone it was perfect. I remember the flamenco museum and there’s nothing like flamenco dance (imo).

  2. Katherine says:

    I’d love to visit the Alcazar. I’m really interested to see how all of those architecture and decorative styles fit together. And it sounds like buying tickets in advance is a really good tip. I can’t believe that you had to wait so long, even in the off-season!

  3. I feel you on the tapas. I spent a few night in Spain and was disappointed to discover most of the food was available only in bars and late at night like you experienced. I too ended up with a pizza dinner.

  4. I was in Spain this fall and was a bit disappointed to find that most of the eateries were actually bars, and that the tapas were served late at night. Like you, I ended up with pizza.

  5. My biggest regret is I wish we traveled with our kids more when they were young. I love seeing and reading about children traveling. You all looked liked you enjoyed Seville, such a beautiful place!

  6. We did just a month ago a magic and adventurous road trip in Andalucia and passed by Seville. we find this place amazing. And the photo you have on the side is about the Royal Alcazar, we found it so awesome.

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